Agua De Sandia Recipe / Mexican Watermelon Juice

Agua De Sandia Recipe / Mexican Watermelon Water

Hey Guys, today I am sharing with you all, of How to Make Aqua Fresca “AKA” Aqua De Sandia (Which Means “Fresh Water” in Spanish!
This is not my First time having this Drink, but it will be my first time making it…. I actually got introduced to it in San Antonio TX, & have been hooked on it since…
This will be the 4th time, I have had it.. I just had some the day after the 4th, on the Southside of Milwaukee.. & had to finally make my own, because I bought (2) Cups lol.. So here I am!
This time around, I did not add Lemon to my Flavored Water.. But Next time I will add Fresh Limes.. because I also had some Watermelon with Lime Juice Drizzled over it, & it was SO GOOD!
So I hope you guys, give this a try, I will post the Recipe down below for you all to get.. & Guys, just tweek it to your liking ok..
I Strained my Watermelon juice three times, because I don’t like Fruit Pulp in my Drinks.. If you Love Pulp, you can leave it as is!
When I say this Watermelon drink takes flavored water to a whole other level.. I mean just that! This is so good, & Refreshing!
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Agua De Sandia..
Mexican Watermelon Juice Drink
Core a Half or a WHOLE Watermelon (Whatever amount you choose to make..
1-2 Cups of Simple Syrup
10-12 Cups of Water (Again, add this to how much watermelon juice you get from your Fruit)

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