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White cake is a classic cake that you can use with a variety of frostings for any celebration and occasion there is. The best white cakes will be fluffy, moist, with a tender crumb that is free from density, and not too sweet while being full of flavor.
This white cake is for my daughter’s two year birthday celebration! We all know that turning 2 is a big deal. With that “terrible two’s” phase looming ahead, we better get this year started off with the best white birthday cake there is! Hopefully that will set us on a path to less fits and more smiles!!
This white cake recipe with a tutorial demonstration from start to finish will give you tips and tricks for making the greatest white cake of all time!
For example, Did you know that over mixing flour is one of the biggest cake fails? And don’t forget to sift that flour first!
Another key component of this white cake is incorporating whipped up egg whites. And there is a trick to that, as you will see! Use a bit of sugar to get glossy peaks.
Watch me and my girls bake up this cake.
Ingredients that go with tutorial: 2 sticks butter, 1.5 cups granulated sugar, 6 whipped egg whites, 2.5 cups sifted cake flour with 1 tab. Baking powder & 1/2 tsp. Salt, 2 tsp. Vanilla extract, 1 tsp. Almond extract, 1 cup whole milk.
Oven temp- 350 degrees. Bake time approx. 25 minutes!
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