Christmas fruit cake recipe/Christmas plum cake/No eggs-no rum fruit cake recipe

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Christmas fruit cake recipe

raisins 1/4 the cup
black raisins 1/4 the cup
chopped cherry 1/4 the cup
tuttifruitti 1/4 the cup
chopped dates 1/4 the cup
along with this any candied fruites can be added such as apricot, orange..etc

dry fruits :
broken cashews and almond
walnuts can be added here

maida 1 cup(200gms)
baking soda 1/8th tsp
baking powder 1/2 tsp
nutmeg powder 1/8th tsp
cinnamon powder 1/8th tsp
clove powder 1/8th tsp

brown sugar 1 cup
condensed milk half cup
butter at room temperature 100gms
fresh orange 2
zest of orange 1 tsp
mixed fruit essence 1 tsp
areated soda/drinking soda 1/4th cup

method :
step1: soaking fruits
take all the fruits mentioned abovein a pan except dry fruits cashew and almond , add freshly squeezed orange juice from two oranges, add half cup brown sugar and cook on medium flame for five to ten minutes or until it starts getting mushy. switch off the flame and let it cool completely. I used it after 8 hrs.

step 2: cake preparation

1.preheat oven to 160/degree celcius
2.sift all the dry ingredients to a vessel and keep aside.
3.take butter at room temperature,condensed milk and brown sugar in a large bowl and beat nicely using a hand mixer until the mix turns soft and fluffy as shown in video. it takes two to three minutes. add sifted flour slowly and mix using spatula before running hand mixer in order to avoid spilling.
5.once mixed well, add zest,essence,cashew and almonds (I mixed in some flour In order to avoid them settling down at the bottom of the cake) and cooled fruit mix. use spatula to mix hereafter , do not run hand mixer.
6.finally add in areatdd soda 1/4 the cup, give a nice stir and transfer to a cake pan. I used parchment paper inside the pan. tap twice before placing in the oven .
7.bake for around 80-90 minutes or until it’s done. once done leave the cake inside the oven for at least half an hour.
8.take out and let it cool completely before cutting into pieces.

Note: 1. as this cake takes a long time to bake the side and top of the cake may darken. cover a foil paper gently on top and leave a hole in the center for air circulation .this will prevent it from burning.


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