Cook With Me Philly Steak In The Slow Cooker

This recipe is perfect for the family on the go. My 3 sons love these sandwiches. I know you will to. Hope you enjoy this recipe. Thanks for watching. Please subscribe.
Hello My name is Heidi and welcome to Kiddos Koral. I started my channel after my son Dilion was diagnosed with Leukemia in 2012. There were no local support groups and I wanted to make connections with others. My goal was to connect with those affected by childhood cancer. Immediately, made so many friends. Can not believe I have been making videos as long as I have. I truly have enjoyed every minute.
I share a view of my life through VLOGS. You will see my typical day as a homemaker. Haul videos are released monthly for Dollar Tree, Aldi, and Kroger, and Costco. With an occasional trip to the shops in between. Family recipes are a weekly regular. I love to bake and cook all kinds of goodies for my family. And being a mom that takes pride in dinners around the table. You can look forward to watching all my families favorites being made. With all that cooking comes with mess. This means Cleaning Motivation videos. It is easy to feel like your the only mom who has to deal with all these tasks. By watching what I clean you may even feel better. Cause, I am sure your place isn’t as messy as mine. LOL
Please subscribe so you don’t miss out on any upcoming videos. I am not a perfect mom. But daily I manage to somehow pull it together. Thanks for visiting and being a part of Kiddos Koral.

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