Crockpot Brown Rice And Pinto Beans

Vegetarian fans will love this easy recipe for brown rice and pinto beans in the Crock Pot It isn’t every day you can find an easy recipe for cooking brown rice. I love the set it and forget it feature to crock pots, and this recipe is one my family looks forward to having regularly. Find a few recipes that your family enjoys, stock up on the ingredients, and you are prepared to cook dinner no matter what your day may bring.
Try this crock pot recipe for brown rice and pinto beans. This recipe is good for using stored food items. Brown rice contains more natural oils than white rice, and will go rancid in just a few years. Don’t store as much of brown rice as white rice; it won’t keep as long. I make at least one meal each week from my canned food storage. This ensures I learn how to make meals in an emergency situation while rotating my stored food items.


Crock Pot


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