Dani Spies Recipes: Autumn Chopped Salad Recipe Video

In this video Health, Wellness, and Weight Loss Coach Dani Spies teaches the Evergreen Wellness® audience how to make a delicious, seasonal autumn chopped salad.

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Dani starts by making a seasonal apple cider vinegrette by combining chopped garlic and onion with Dijon mustard, apple cider vinegar, olive oil, honey and salt and pepper. She notes to buy apple cider vinegar that advertises “with the mother,” which indicates it contains enzymes and bacteria that aid digestion and overall wellness.

To make the salad, Dani combines chopped romaine lettuce with chopped apple and pear, pecans, dry cherries or cranberries, bleu cheese, and bacon. She notes that because this recipe has a lot of natural sweetness, the natural sugar of the recipe helps to dispel a sweet tooth.

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