EASY Royal Icing Recipe for Cakes! Brush Embroidery Flower Cake

EASY Royal Icing Recipe for Cakes! ONLY 3 ingredients required ( See below)! Brush Embroidery Flower Cake.

Royal Icing Recipe ( only 3 ingredients involved super easy!)
– one tea spoon of lemon to make the icing white and smell nice.
– 300 grams of SIFTED icing sugar ( sift icing sugar to avoid clumps in icing )
– 50 grams of egg whites ( i recommend buying pasteurised egg whites in cartoons as they have been pasteurised reducing contamination of raw ingredients. You can use normal eggs, but make sure you wash the outer shell carefully before breaking them. Keep in mind it is a raw recipe so you want to make sure it’s super clean 🙂

For colouring the Royal Icing i recommend using ” GEL ” colours to keep the consistency stiff to pipe. You can use liquid, but you may need to add extra icing sugar.
For Brush Embroidery the icing should be stiff to hold the brush stroke shapes so this recipe is perfect for it. If the weather is more humid you may need to add a table spoon extra of icing sugar .

– Happy Baking everyone and if you have any questions please comment below :). I’d love to help. Feel free to request any cake tutorials . I really want to teach what you guys want to learn!

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