Fried pasta (CRUNCHY) Recipe

Ingredients :
Penne pasta – 2.5-3 cup or fistful
Cornflour or rice flour or Maida

Quick snack –
Chat masala
Cumin powder
Coriander powder
Black pepper

Milk 2 cup
Cheese 1 cup
Black pepper
Onion 1 big Chopped

Start with boiling the pasta.
Once boiled strain it and cover it with cornflour
Fry these coated penne and keep aside

Quick snack – Mix these fried penne with chat masala, Cumin powder,Coriander powder,Black pepper and salt
Ready to snack on

Pasta –

Add milk and let it boil
After it boils add cheese and Black pepper and the herbs you prefer and keep aside

In a kadhai add Oil and some chopped onions. After onions turn translucent and golden mix
Mix fried penne, Milk and cheese sauce and let it thicken
Ready to serve

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