Gehun Paratha Punjabi Style Easy Simple Recipe Wheat Flour Indian Bread

Learn to make Soft and Crispy Wheat Flour Paratha, gehun ke paratha Punjabi style recipe easy and simple indian flatbread. see below for recipe and ingredients.

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Wheat Flour 1 cup (for 2 Paratha)
a pinch of salt
1 cup of water
Oil or Ghee as required (Minimum 1-3 Tablespoon Oil is Required for 1 Paratha)

Add Wheat Flour in a plate
Add salt
Add Water into the flour
Knead the flour to make soft dough as shown
Make 2 dough as per the size shown
Apply flour to the dough and roll into flat as shown
Apply Oil inside and fold it and again fold it after applying oil, so it will be 3 layers, it will be a triangle shaped.
Apply wheat flour to the dough
And roll again into flat parathas
Keep Appplying wheat flour so that it does not stick
Roll it flat to a bigger size paratha as shown
Heat Tawa to a medium and add Oil 1 Teaspoon
Add The paratha on Tawa on full flame
Add 1 Tablespoon oil on upper side of paratha and apply it thoroughly
Flip the paratha after cooking 1 min-30 sec to the other side
Flip Again and check properly cooked
Keep Flipping as it is on Full Flame so that it does not burns
Take Off Stove
Serve Hot.

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