healthy chinese food recipes || easy weightloss chinese takeaway dish

1.healthy chinese food recipes

2.easy weightloss chinese takeaway dish

3.healthy chinese recipes

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The basic principle in Asian diet is to consume simple whole grains, with cooked vegetables and a little bit of everything else. Too much or too little of any one thing is not good.
Asian diet is mostly gluten and dairy free. The emphasize is to use natural real ingredients to cook. I’ll be sharing with some of my easy and simple favourite oriental dishes.

This Chinese vegetable lo mein dinner is quick, easy, healthy and delicious. I show you my secret ingredient I use to get that smoky hint of flavor in the lo mein. Packed full of vegetables. Lo mein is one of our favorite stir fry Chinese foods. Enjoy.

We just love Chinese chicken and broccoli and this is a Classic Chinese meal. In this recipe video I will show you how to make easy and HEALTHY chicken and broccoli stir fry by a Chinese
cooking technique called “velveting” meat. It is just like Chinese chicken and broccoli take out but much much better. Enjoy.

There is no deep fry process nor tons of sugar in the recipe. So you won’t feel bad at all even though if you eat this every day! I literally meant every day, because it is so good I don’t mind eating this healthy orange chicken!

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