How To Make Mexican Tacos With Ground Beef | FOODIS

How To Make Mexican Tacos With Ground Beef| FOODIS
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I am back with my new video How To Make Mexican Tacos With Ground Beef.Some people ask me to create video about mexican recipes. so I make a video recipe mexican tacos With Ground Beef.hope you will enjoy my new video How To Make Mexican Tacos .if you like my video please like,comment and share.

Ingredients For Mexican Tacos
Real corn tortillas
Beef meat (fillet or some kind of meat you would want to grill)
Canned beans
An onion
Handful of coriander
Avocado, turnips (optional, recommended)
A Persian lime

Direction For How To Make Mexican Tacos With Ground Beef

Steps 1
Buy real tortillas. This is maybe one of the most important things! You will need soft corn tortillas. You can find them in Mexican shops and “Tortillerias”, which is a small Tortilla Factory. You could even make them yourself from dried corn flour if you are willing to “get your hands dirty”. You could also buy a “Instant Corn Masa” Mix
Steps 2
Wash and disinfect the vegetables

Steps 3
Dice the onion

Steps 4
Chop the coriander thoroughly. Make it as small as possible
Steps 5
Grill the meat until you feel it is well done.

Steps 6
Cook the beans in a pot. Once done put them in a small plate.

Steps 7
While the meat is in the grill, warm the tortillas on a pan just a little, or warm them up in your oven/microwave. Put the tortillas in a plate.

Steps 8
Once the meat is done, cut it in small squares, making horizontal and vertical cuts.

Steps 9
Put the meat on one the side of the tortilla and cover it with the other side of the tortilla.
Steps 10
Cut the lime by half (or quarters if it’s too big) and put it in the plate.
Steps 11
Take everything to the table so everyone can add their own onion, coriander, beans and avocado. Once you have all what you want in your taco, put a twist of lime on top.

Steps 12

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