How to make Yummy Cola Chicken Drumsticks At Home – Easy Chinese Family Recipe

Cola chicken drumsticks is a delicious home-cooked dish.Bright and smooth drumsticks taste sweet and yummy.
The whole cuisine is simple and easy to make.
If you want to make a cola drumsticks at home, please check this recipe.
Ingredients:chicken drumsticks,cola, star anise, garlic cloves and ginger.
1, add drumsticks and cool water in frying pan, and bring to a boil;
2, Prick drumsticks with a fork;
3, combine together drumsticks, garlic cloves, ginger, cooking wine,salt and light soy sauce.
4, sear the drumsticks just until browned;
5, pour in cola and add star anise, simmer for 20 minutes;
6, Sprinkle white sesame seeds on top and serve.

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