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These chicken meatballs are low carb delicious! They are meal plan approved to go along with my girls summer meal plan and they are now becoming a family favorite! These meatballs are super easy to make and they do not skimp on flavor! We simmered these in my light and easy stove top marinara sauce and served them over homemade zucchini noodles for a delicious, low carb “pasta” dinner. Everyone loves this meal and I think you will too! Perfect for lightening up your meals this summer!

I started off with some ground white meat chicken. You can also choose to use ground turkey, but we do not like that so this chicken is the perfect option for us. The binding agent for these meatballs is some fine ground almond flour. Since we always have this on hand it was an easy fix. You can also add some grated Parmesan cheese as well, but my girls meal plan is dairy free for the first few weeks so if you are so inclined, add that it for even more delicious flavor and unctuousness. Eggs go in and then all the spices! Lots of awesome flavors from your spice rack. I seasoned mine up Italian style, but you can go any number of directions here! Think, French, Asian, Indian, Mexican, the flavor profiles are endless!

Everything was mixed up by hand, but you can easily use a mixer, but be careful if using the latter. Over mixing will cause your meatballs to be tough and dense. Mixing by hand will prevent this from happening. I formed the meatballs using a 1 ounce disher or scoop. If you have a cookie scoop that will work fine. It should hold about 1 tablespoon of mixture. This will give you approximately one ounce meatballs. This also makes it super easy to weigh or estimate your serving. Once cooked these will not be as heavy so you will want to weigh them after they are cooked to be sure you are getting the right amount for your meal.

The meatballs are placed on a baking sheet that is lined first with foil and then with parchment. I got approximately 36 meatballs out of this mixture. I baked them for 25 to 30 minutes or until a meat thermometer read 165 degrees. I always test one by cutting in half to be sure there is no pink in the middle and any juices are running clear. I remove these from the oven and allow them to cool before using them.

I placed my meatballs in an easy stove top marinara and simmered for five minutes. Then I served these over homemade zucchini noodles. I used my Ninja Intellisense Kitchen system with the vegetable spiralizer to make the noodles and boy is this thing awesome! I hope to share more options in other videos of what you can actually do with this amazing thing!

These meatballs are very easy to make and frankly, they are quite addictive. You would never know they were low carb and didn’t have bread crumbs in them unless you saw them being made. You can make these all at once and put them in the fridge for your weekly meal prep or you can freeze them raw or freeze them cooked and than bake off when needed. I have left more information on how to do that in the printable recipe.

These could be seasoned up Greek style and stuffed in a pita for a gyro-esque sandwich. How about a teriyaki glaze served over brown rice? Season these up Mexican style with cumin, chili powder and oregano and simmer in salsa for a delicious south of the border treat. Like I said, your imagination is your only limit! You could even pop these on a pizza! I love meatballs on pizza!

These meatballs are great even if you are not on a low carb plan or a weight loss plan. These are just delicious!

I hope you give these light and easy, low carb, chicken meatballs a try and I hope you love them!

Happy Eating!

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