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edited by David Klein, PhD
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Romaine Celery Cucumber Pear Orange
Living Green Salad Recipe with a
Delicious Orange Citrus Avocado Fennel
Low Calorie Salad Dressing Recipe

* I n g r e d i e n t s *
— 2 Oranges
— 1 bunch of Fennel leaves
— 1 Avocado, roughly chopped

For the SALAD:
— 1 head of Romaine Lettuce
— 1 head of Celery
— 2 Pears
— 1 Cucumber*
— 2-4 Oranges (enough to make about 2 cups worth of orange segments)
*unpeeled if organic, peeled if inorganic

* P r e p a r a t i o n *
— 1) For the dressing, use a manual citrus juicer or a citrus hand juicer to squeeze the juice of 2 oranges into your Vita-Mix blender, or other high-powered blender of your choice.

— 2) By hand, break the fennel leaves into smaller pieces & toss them along with the roughly chopped avocado into your Vitamix blender as well.

— 3) Blend until desired consistency is reached.

— 4) For the salad, chop the romaine lettuce leaves, celery stalks, pears, orange segments & cucumber all into bite-sized pieces with a chef’s knife & toss together in a large serving bowl.

— 5) Drizzle dressing over salad or offer it on the side…enjoy!

* I n s p i r a t i o n *
— When hot, dehydrated & hungry, it feels good to make a recipe that’s full of greens, yet also delicious, satisfying & thirst-quenching! Isn’t this salad gorgeous? So light, tasty & refreshing… beautiful too! I’ve found that cutting the excess fat out of our diets helps with weight loss & regeneration, as well as for increased mental clarity & higher levels of energy.

— I might be looking on the skinny side lately, but lately I’ve been eating very low-fat as part of my own personal summer detox program. I do plan on doing some deeper healing & total regeneration, so do not be alarmed if/when I temporarily get skinnier. Krista can vouch for the fact that because of all the years I spent bodybuilding, the ‘good’ part that came from all that abuse I did to my body in the gym is that today my muscles are very quick to respond to any weight training I do. So when I re-enter a building phase again this fall and winter, you’ll literally see me gain 5 pounds of quality tissue and/or muscle in a week. Krista says that on a day-to-day basis she can literally see if I’ve gained or lost a pound, and from where (I suppose it doesn’t hurt that she sees me naked all the time because of where we live )

— My search for true radiant health has lead me to a low fat raw vegan diet; that’s just how it turned out. I focus on getting my energy from fruit & eating a lot of salads and greens, along with getting even more greens from juices & smoothies. But the key is that I don’t heat or cook anything I eat. I also eat a lot of high-water fruits & vegetables. I don’t eat any dehydrated foods at this time & the densest foods I currently eat are only avocados & thai young coconuts.

— Remember to take care of yourself! Focus on eating & drinking lots of low-fat, high-water fruits & vegetables! If you’re a beginner, do not stress out! Just continually get more of the junk out of your diet & steadily replace it with more good stuff, as you are worth it! And keep on coming back to this channel for some deeper and deeper healing!

—*—*—*— VIBRANCE MAGAZINE —*—*—*—
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— If you’re looking for some inspiration in written form that goes along with these videos, I *highly* recommend you subscribing to VIBRANCE MAGAZINE, my *favorite* raw food magazine. Formerly known as “Living Nutrition Magazine” from 1996-2008, today VIBRANCE is published twice a year exclusively in digital form.

— Each issue is jam-packed with highly illuminating content that is beneficial, informative & most importantly easily applicable to *your* life. Past topics include raw vegan athletes, restoring our earth to vibrant health, victories over compulsive eating & recipes for elegant raw food party-pleasers.

— I truly think you’ll enjoy this magazine….for you know me….if I didn’t think it was high-quality information, then I wouldn’t be sharing it with you! It really is raw food inspiration of the highest caliber.

Love, Dan




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