Pa MuChim 파무침: Korean BBQ Scallion Salad For LA Galbi 갈비 BulGoGi 불고기 – Modern Pepper #27

How To Make Korean BBQ Scallion Salad; Side Salad To Have With Korean BBQ Galbi/Kalbi, BulGoGi, Beef Brisket, Pork Belly; How To Make Scallion Salad To Have with Korean Lettuce Wrap (SangChu Ssam) 상추쌈

Scallion side salad called Pa MuChim (파무침) is commonly served with Korean BBQ. It is typically enjoyed as part of the Korean Lettuce Wrap (SangChu Ssam 상추쌈) which typically includes a spoonful of rice, piece of your BBQ/grilled meat, Pa MuChim, and Ssam Jang (Korean condiment that consists of soybean paste, red pepper paste and a few other seasonings). All these wrapped up together on a piece of lettuce, rolled up into a bite size pouch and in goes into your mouth. You’ll be so satisfied with all the medley of flavors bursting in your mouth and simply be in Food Heaven…YUM!

This Scallion Side Salad recipe is super easy to make! I added a twist by adding fresh cabbage which makes this salad super refreshing and filling. With less sesame oil, it can be served as a simple salad to enjoy alone, with non-Korean food or as a seaweed wrap. Now, with a generous amount of sesame oil, it will become a mouth watering and creamy salad that perfectly compliments the yumminess of Korean BBQ.

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