Piyaz White Bean Salad NASIL YAPILIR? diet – recipes – what beans have the most protein

Piyaz – White Bean Salad – diet – recipes –

2 su bardağı kuru fasulye
1 baş kırmızı soğan
4 sap taze soğan
2 katı haşlanmış yumurta
Kırmızı pul biber
Limon suyu
Piyaz Nasıl Yapılır? Yapılışı
Kuru fasulyeyi haşlayıp süzelim.
Soğanı salataya uygun uzunlamasına ince doğrayalım.
Dilerseniz tuzla ovabilirsiniz.
Taze soğan ve maydanozu da doğrayıp fasulyeye katalım.
Yağ ve limon kırmızı biber gezdirelim.
Yumurtayı ister dilim isterseniz yuvarlak kesip üzerini süsleyin.
Afiyet olsun.

white bean salad recipe:
Don’t ever think of making white bean salad without onion.
White or red, onion is a must in this salad to have that excellent taste.
If you don’t like the taste or smell of raw onion, I have a tip for you.
You can make the easiest red onion pickles just as you’re chopping the
other ingredients. Blanch chopped onion and transfer into very cold water.
Drain well and pour a mixture of lemon juice, vinegar, sumac and salt over it.

As it sits, you’ll see how its color becomes even more attractive thanks to
the acid in lemon and vinegar. This method removes the bitterness and the
intense smell of onion. It’s truly optional and you can just toss chopped
raw onion as is but it makes a great twist on your salad. The best thing is
you can keep it in the refrigerator for some days and use in other salads or
even in sandwiches.

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