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Quick and easy walnut cake

For today’s dessert we warmly recommend this quick and easy walnut cake.
In a mixing bowl we put the flour
10 tbsp of margarine
and 8 tbsp of sugar.
Crack the egg, and divide the yolk from the white.
5 tbsp of walnuts and 8 tbsp of sugar in a pan.
Put the egg yolk in the pan with the other ingredients.
While mixing the ingredients add 6 tbsp of crushed walnuts.
Use a mixer to make turn the ingredients to have a seamless consistency.
Start kneading and make one big circular shape.
Use a plastic dough shaper to make smaller circular shapes.
Place the circular shapes in a pan.
Bake them in the oven for about 15 minutes at 350 F.
Then, start the filling.
Take the leftover margarine, the powdered sugar and mix until the margarine gets a foamy texture.
Add the egg white and 10 tbsp of crushed walnuts.
Mix again.
Place the filling in a plastic dessert bag.
Take two circular shapes, and in the middle put the filling.
Repeat until you’re out of filling and dough.
Melt the dark chocolate.
Add oil while the chocolate melts.
Once you get a seamless texture, coat the cookies with the melted chocolate and put some crushed walnuts top.
Estimated time for the preparation of this dessert is about 40 minutes.
Bon appétit!

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