Roast chicken with 40 cloves of garlic | Roast dinner recipe

A simply roasted chicken is one of the greatest pleasures in life. cook it right, and you have this soft, juicy meat that acts as a great ancillary to other flavours. I haven’t done a Sunday roast playlist video for a while now, so i thought i’d give you one today.

Roast chicken with 40 cloves of garlic, might sound a bit extreme, and you’re probably thinking ‘OMG all that garlic is too much!’ but actually it’s not at all. What happens is the unpeeled cloves of garlic stew in the olive oil and chicken juices, to create these little nuggets of mild, sweet garlics that are amazing to eat on their own. They lose all of the harsh, raw garlic flavour and become mellow and delicious.

It’s important to use a decent chicken here, a good quality free range one, or if you’re really wanting to push the boat out…a poulet de bresse! Those things are ridiculously expensive mind, and way out of my current budget. So with that in mind, a good quality shop bought chicken is what i’ve used today. The chicken is seasoned very simply with butter, salt and pepper, and some fresh thyme thrown in for good measure. You can add a slice of lemon into the cavity if you wish.

Those soft, sweet garlic cloves are delicious just served alongside the chicken, with some veg and potatoes. If you’re making a gravy, then squish 1 or 2 of them into it for a really nice flavour.

To make my roast chicken with 40 cloves of garlic you will need:
►1 chicken around 1.3-1.5kg in weight
►4 cloves of garlic (about 3-4 bulbs)
►About 250ml of olive oil
►Small bunch of fresh thyme
►Generous knob of butter
►Salt & black pepper
►A roasting tray that just fits the chicken (you don’t want loads of space around the chicken. It needs to be nice and snug).

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