Salad That Makes Cherry Tomatoes

The Summer Salad That Makes Cherry Tomatoes Taste Like Candy.

It’s the most awesome time: tomato season. Next time you catch some new cherry tomatoes at the ranchers’ market, utilize them as the focal point of this basic, clean-eating plate of mixed greens. Simmering them escalates their characteristic sweetness—and expands the measure of disease battling lycopene your body can retain.

Serves 4:


*2 c cherry tomatoes on vine.

*2 Tbsp additional virgin olive oil.

*2 Tbsp balsamic vinegar.

½ c grain, quinoa, farro, or another entire grain.

2 c mizuna, dandelion greens, or arugula.

1 c daintily shaved fennel.

2 Tbsp goat cheddar, disintegrated.


*2 Tbsp red wine vinegar.

*2 Tbsp additional virgin olive oil.

*1 Tbsp Dijon mustard.

1. Broil tomatoes: Heat stove to 350°F. Place tomatoes in 13″ x 9″ broiling container. Coat with oil and vinegar and meal 45 minutes.

2. Place 3½ – 3¾ mugs water and grain in medium pan over medium warmth. Cook until the point that grain is completely cooked and somewhat firm.

3. In little bowl, whisk all vinaigrette fixings.

4. In extensive bowl, join cooked grain, greens, and fennel. Hurl delicately with half of the vinaigrette. Serve plate of mixed greens finished with cooked tomatoes and cheddar. Present with extra vinaigrette as required.
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