Vegan Seitan & Oats Cat Food Recipe

Anji shows you how she makes a tasty vegan cat food for her young cats, Bodhi and Yogi Jo, using two specially formulated products from VeganCats. The boys are featured pretty prominently in this video, as they couldn’t wait for their meal to finish cooking! Ryan makes a quick appearance at the end of the show, too, urging folks to kindly NOT freak out in the comments of this recipe video, but to “save it” for an upcoming episode where the duo promise to talk more about the concept of feeding cats a vegan diet. For now, Anji wanted to share the recipe with folks who may not know how to make Seitan from scratch for cat food purposes. Of course, humans can eat this simple wheat based meat substitute, as well, so feel free to make an extra batch for your dinner!

2 cups vital wheat gluten
1.75 cups water (for dough)
1 tsp Miso
1/3 cup oats (Anji uses sprouted oats)
1 cup water (for oatmeal)
1/4 cup VegeYeast (from
4 tsp VegeCat (from
Seaweed for seasoning
Additional water for cooking & sauce

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