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Hi, this is Stephanie Manley with Copy Kat Recipes. You loved it in the
restaurants now let’s make it at home. Today we’re going to make Wendy’s
Chili. Wendy’s Chili is one of my all-time favorite recipes. This recipe
makes a ton, so you can invite all your friends and family over and, no one
is going to go away hungry. So let’s get cooking.

We’re going to start browning our ground meat for our chili. I like to
brown my ground meat on a medium to medium-high heat. We’re going to put
two pounds of ground meat in here. I love using ground chuck. I think it
has a great flavor and it’s inexpensive. That’s always good. That’s one
pound and then the other.

I am going to go ahead and put my onions in right now and we’ll let that
start browning. So our ground meat is cooking right now. We’re just going
to let that finish off. When I cook this hamburger meat, I didn’t add any
oil or anything to this. I just put in the ground meat, and the onions, and
let it simmer away.

So in a couple more minutes, we’ll add the rest of the ingredients to this.
So I’m going to go ahead and add my chili powder. Again, I’m adding 1/4
cup. Chili powder is not too spicy, so I’ve never found that to be too
much, so to give that a quick little stir.

I’m going to add in my green bell pepper, my celery. I’m going to go ahead
and add some of my spices. I am going to add in my salt, my garlic powder,
my cumin. I added a little extra; I prefer a little bit more cumin. I am
going to give this a quick stir again.

I am going to add in my black pepper, my oregano. Here’s my oregano.
Cayenne pepper, this is my cayenne pepper. If you like your chili more
spicy, go ahead and add some extra. Add a little bit of sugar, sugar helps
counteract the acidity with the tomatoes.

The next thing I’m going to add in is my tomato juice. This is what’s help
give this chili its extra flavor. I am going to add four cups in. Next
comes my tomato puree, you can buy tomato puree. It’s not sauce, it’s not
paste, but it’s actually puree. Grocery stores do sell this.

I’m going to give this a quick stir again, and then I’m going to add in
pinto beans and kidney beans. Here are my kidney beans. Just going to
finish stirring this and I’m going to come back in about 1 ½ hours for some
great tasting Wendy’s chili.

We’ve just made Wendy’s Chili, but know what? You don’t have to stop there.
I’ve got over 1500 more recipes at copykat.com. So stop on by and you can
cook more of your restaurant favorites. You loved it in the restaurant, now
you can make it at home. Our chili is done now. It looks just fabulous. I
love chili.

Hi, I’m Stephanie Manley. Have you ever wondered how your favorite
restaurants make that special dish? Well, I’ve put together over 1500
recipes that taste just like they do in the restaurant. Visit copykat.com
and find recipes from The Olive Garden, Outback Steakhouse, The Cracker
Barrel and so much more.

Visit copykat.com and discover recipes such as The Olive Garden Alfredo
sauce, Olive Garden salad dressing, and Hooter’s fried pickles. You’ve
tried it in the restaurant, now make it at home.


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