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What’s for Dinner | Brown Sugar & Bourbon Baked Pork Tenderloin Recipe | HOW TO MAKE BAKED PORK TENDERLOIN | Kiwanna’s Kitchen..
What’s for Dinner.. I made a Yummy & Tender Seared, then Baked Pork Tenderloin, w/Potatoes & Green beans!
As you all can see in my Video, they turned out Perfect & Juicy as ever.. & that pretty much came from Searing them at the Beginning on all 4 sides.. I then Baked them for 30-35 min on 375°, & in between time, I basted them with there own Juices in between the Cooking time.
This Supper was so good, & I say my Kids agreed with Me;).
The Ingredients needed are minimal, but these Tenderloins are so Easy & Simple to Prepare Guys..
Just let them sit in a good Marinade made & Suited, just for Pork, & you’ll be very happy with the Outcome!
They came out Fork Tender.
I did not cut off any Fat, because once you sear the Fat on all sides, it seals in almost all of the Juices, once you Bake it, making it real tender!
I also made Potatoes that I Seasoned with the Marinade I had the tenderloins Soaking in, & also some French Style Green Beans, & that’s what we had for Dinner!
Once you Guys try this Pork Tenderloin Recipe, I guarantee, you will be happy that you did, & your Family will Thank you, 😉
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