White Sauce Pasta Yummy | At Home Easy | Bechamel Sauce Pasta | Italian Recipe In Indian Style😍😍

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White Sauce Pasta Yummy | At Home Easy | Bechmel Sauce Pasta Recipe video describes that how to make Tasty & Creamy White Sauce Pasta Easily at home..

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About my video

I had shared how to make White sauce pasta at home easily and quickly..


1. Boiled Pasta–1 big bowl–
2. White sauce — 1 bowl–
3. Green chilli– 1–
4. Onion– 1 large–
5. Butter –1tspn–
6. Salt — 1tspn–

1. Add butter in a sauce pan until melts.
2. After melts add Onion & cook until it changes its colour.
3. Add green chilli & cook well.
4. Add White sauce & salt. Cook until comes to boil.
5. Add boiled pasta.
6. Cook for 1 minute & enjoy the yummy pasta with white sauce..

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